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Effective industrial production needs qualitative equipment. This axiom needs no proof. But search for supplier, logistics, installation, commissioning, service demand much time and energy. However even after this the result is not always positive. Aggregates of some manufacturers refuse to operate consistently in united mechanism, suppliers do not accept complaints, shifting responsibility on each other, service centers are located in different cities or even countries. The result – additional financial charges and equipment downtime.

We guarantee solution of this problem – packaged supply of equipment with following installation and service, fulfilled by one company with full responsibility for the result. You set the problem – we guarantee its solution!

A powerful research department of the Concern – “Engineering center” allows to modernize the existing, develop and implement new equipment, and strong partnership relations with famous manufacturers, specifically: OJSC “Electrosila”, OJSC “Elsib” (Novosibirsk), OJSC “KHEMZ”, OJSC “Electrotyazhmash”, OJSC “Turboatom” (Kharkov) allow to make delivery in the shortest possible time and attractively priced.

For enterprises of energetics, oil and gas industry, ore mining enterprises, water canals, cotton industry we offer:

  1. Packaged supply of electric motors practically of all power range and unit sizes for conducting uniform technological policy of implementing new equipment, energy-saving technologies and reducing costs for purchase of spare parts and repair;
  2. Management of projects for modernization of existing equipment and development of new industrial objects, from the R & D stage (together with specialists of LLC “Engineering center” and specialized institutes) till the equipment installation (together with mechanism manufacturers “Sibenergomash”, “Dongormash”, “NKMZ”, “Nasosenergomash”, “Uralgidromash” and others);
  3. Packaged supply of pumping equipment as one set with control stations and frequency-controlled drive;
  4. Implementation of modern developed hardware tools for regulation of electric motor operating mode of various types: pumps, ventilators, smoke suckers, pipelines and others on the basis of frequency-regulated converter within the power range from 1,5 till 15 000 kW:
  • with the use of existing equipment;
  • while updating electric motors for low voltage;
  • while producing electric motors directly for frequency regulation;
  1. For mechanisms that do not need regulation of rotating frequency – equipment which controls input voltage, provides reduced-voltage start and stop of electric motor. It allows to save electric power considerably (up to 40%) and increase service life both of electric motor itself and reduction gears, operating mechanism, belts and so on;
  2. Supply of systems for thyristor starting for electric motors, turbo-generators and hydro-generators on the basis of digital technologies which allow to carry out computer control as over concrete mechanism so over technological process in general;
  3. Supply of aggregates from related industry enterprises that are packaged with the use of our production equipment. That is:


  • OJSC “Livgidromash”,
  • OJSC “Nasosenergomash” (Sumy),
  • OJSC “Kataysk Pump Plant”,
  • RUE “V.I. Lenin Bobruisk Machine Building Plant”,
  • CJSC “Shchelokovsk pumps”.


  • OJSC “Moven”,
  • OJSC “Kryukovsky ventilation plant”,
  • “Dongormash”.

Smoke suckers:

  • «Sibenergomash»,
  • «Dongormash»

Mining equipment:

  • TRPK “Mining machinery”, Donetsk,
  • “NKMZ”,
  • “Energomashspecstal” (Kramatorsk)
  • “Svet Shakhtyora” (Kharkov),
  • OJSC “Tyazhmash” (Syzran)
  1. Revision of the working equipment condition in order to reveal off-market and energy-intensive units and aggregates with the provision of recommendations for their replacement;
  2. Comprehensive program of warranty and post-warranty service;
  3. Supply, development and installation of new equipment according to your schedule of technical re-equipping;
  4. Investments by way of development, designing and installation of new equipment;
  5. Optimization of transportation expenses for packaged supply to reduce overhead costs for purchase of equipment and spare parts.

As for today the Concern has unique experience of packaged supply and implementation of off-the-shelf solutions on enterprises of CIS and foreign countries.

For example:

  • Packaged supply of mill equipment for the enterprises of RSA (MAED company);
  • Supply of mine substations, electric locomotives, crabs, ventilators VOD-30, VOD 31,5, VOD-42,5 (as a set with controlling systems and frequency-regulated driving gear) for OJSC “APATITE”;
  • Supply of cleaning and sinking equipment, conveyers for cuts and mines of Kuzbass region (OJSC “ALROSA”, Sakhalinpodzemugol);
  • Supply and supervised installation of two mining lifts on the objects of OJSC “SUBR” (Sevuralboksitruda), being included in the SUAL-Holding. In particular, lifting machines of the type TSSH-3,25×4 rl, TSSH-3,25×4p1, TS2,5×2АР, 2TS-3×1,5 UHL4 were supplied, installed and started up in mines “Novokalinskaya” and “Krasnaya Shapochka”;
  • Reconstruction of the Iron Ore Pellet Plant on OJSC “Karelsky Okatysh” with the replacement of mills, driving gears and installation of soft starters.

At the present time we carry out modernization of the equipment at OJSC “Nevsky zavod” with designing and supply of automated forging complex on the basis of forging press with 3200 ton-force and reconstruction of the whole forging-chilling section.

Thus, the Rosenergomash Concern is not only a supplier and manufacturer of high quality electric equipment. First of all, it is an all-powerful structure for implementing complex industrial solutions on the basis of modern equipment, having unique knowledge and infrastructure.

Having applied to us, you will receive a single “entry point”, excluding disagreements, force majeure and failures that appear during work of several contractors and considerably save time, energy, nerves and money.