Electric Motor DRT (ДРТ) Type for Drives of Storage Battery Electric Locomotives

Mining motors of improved reliability type DRT (ДРТ) absorbed all progressive achievements of the industry and experience of the Concern’s engineers. Due to a welded frame, increased armature volume and wedge fastening of one-turn sections of armature wave winding, utilization of electric machines of this series makes possible to increase the train mass and improve commutator characteristics on the header which, in turn, reduces the motor payback period and increases cost effectiveness from its use. Intended for drives of mining storage battery electric locomotives.

Brief Specifications:* Efficiency coefficient: from 61 to 85 % Power: 2,4 - 33 kW*; 6 - 46 kW** Voltage: 80 - 250 V

* For operation in mode S1.
** For operation in mode S2.

Technical data (.pdf, 337Kb)