Electric Motors SDM (СДМ) 4, SDM (СДМ)3 4, SDMP (СДМП) 4 Types

Slow-speed, synchronous motors of high and medium power intended for drives of cement, coal-pulverizing, ore-pulverizing and other industrial mills. Electrical motors SDM (СДМ) 4 series are an improved modification of widely used motors SDS (СДС), DS (ДС), DSZ (ДСЗ), DSP (ДСП) series and SDM (СДМ)З-2 with improved operational parameters and technical characteristics. On agreement with the client, these motors can be manufactured considering the foundation available at the place of operation and mounting dimensions of old series motors.

Brief Specifications: Power: 400 – 4 000 kW Voltage: 6 000, 10 000 V Number of poles: 24 - 80

Technical data (.pdf, 240Kb)