Explosion-proof Electric Motors VАО(ВАО)5К Series for Enterprises of Mining and Processing Industries

Explosion-proof motor with wide range of usage. Electric motors VАО5К (ВАО5К) are used to build up pumps, fans, mixers, lifting devices and other mechanisms. They are used at the enterprises of fuel-and-power sector and in different mining and processing industries. Being an improved modification of popular model VАО2 (ВАО2), VАО(ВАО)5К maintains the same mounting dimensions with improved technical parameters, an advanced cooling system and new bearings by SKF firm. Can be manufactured with both right and left rotation direction. Versions of the motors with synchronous rotation speed of 3000 r/min are added to VАО5К Series.

Brief Specifications: Power: 200 – 1 000 kW Voltage: 6 000 or 10 000 V Height of the shaft center line: 450, 560 mm Number of poles: 2, 4, 6, 8

Technical data (.pdf, 183Kb)