Rosenergomash | Engineering center

Moscow 123423
34 Narodnogo Opolchenya st.
+7 (495) 223-00-99


The range of items handled by the Engineering center:

  • asynchronous explosion-proof electric motors of up to 2,000 kW,
  • general industrial asynchronous electric motors of up to 12,000 kW,
  • synchronous electric motors of up to 10,000 kW,
  • electric generators of up to 2,500 kW,
  • electric motors for NPPs,
  • controlled electric drive engineering packages
  • electric machine excitation, control and monitoring systems.

The full range of electric machine design work (electromagnetic, ventilation, thermal and strength analyses, development and completion of design documents) is performed using up-to-date computer-aided design facilities and appropriate software.

The most important projects carried out by the Engineering center in 2005 —  2007.

1. VANZ-5A and AODA5 for pump actuation at Kudankulam NPP (India)./span> VANZ-5A vertical electric motors (800 - 2,000 kW) and AODA5 horizontal high-speed electric motors (630 - 800 kW) were developed and delivered. 2. SDM4, SDMZ4. A series of powerful synchronous mill motors (sizes 21, 22, 24) was developed for metal mining, cement industry and pulverizers of thermal power plants. Motors have already been supplied to Navoysky mining-and-metallurgical integrated works (Uzbekistan), mining-and-processing integrated works and cement factories in Russia and Ukraine. 3. VAO5K. A series of explosion-proof electric motors manufactured in the finned casing was developed. Motors have higher parameters and are aimed at replacing VAO2 series motors which they correspond to in terms of mounting and attachment dimensions. VAO5K series was supplemented by 3,000 rpm synchronous speed motor modifications. Thus, the plant has already supplied a batch of these electric motors for the largest Vankorovskoye oil field development program. 4. VASO5K (6,5 — 90 kW). For the gearless drive of fans and air coolers installed in explosion-hazardous premises and outside installations the VASO5K series of explosion-proof vertical asynchronous electric motors was mastered. It has a number of advantages if compared to its analogs. These electric motors can be easily replaced with VASO2 and VASO4 series motors. 5. VAN-5, VANZ-5K (315 — 12 000 kW). Electric motors are designed to drive vertical hydraulic pumps. The first electric motors have already been supplied and are operating at the Novolipetsky integrated iron-and-steel works. 6. СSDKP-4. Intended to drive compressors and designed for operation in explosion-hazardous premises. 7. SGS2, GSD, SGSB. Synchronous generators of electric sets are designed to operate with internal-combustion engines and aircraft gas-turbine engines as AC power sources of 50 Hz frequency. 8. A5K-355. A series of general industrial high-voltage electric motors with short-circuit rotor, its rotation axis height 355. It is designed to drive pumps, fans and other mechanisms not requiring rotational speed regulation. 9. 6AMU315. General industrial electric motors of 90 - 200 kW are designed to be used in various industries. 10. 2AIMM280—315. Explosion-proof electric motors of 90 - 200 kW are designed for operation in explosion-dangerous production facilities in chemical, gas, oil refinery and other related industries. 11. USVT. Explosion-proof vibration velocity and temperature warning devices (USVT) are intended to:
  • warn the temperature of the casing, bearings, stator coils, vibration velocity of explosion-proof electric machines and actuators,
  • give a warning signal on vibration velocity and temperature exceeding the limits of specified areas, breakout of one of sensors,
  • issue signals on connection of external signaling and control devices.

Designers of the center are permanently working to develop new high-performance machinery with advanced technical and process parameters which meet up-to-date customer’s requirements.