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LLC Novokakhovsky Electromechanic Plant (NKEMP)

LLC Novokakhovsky Electromechanic Plant (formerly known as South Electric Machine Engineering Plant and afterwards as OJSC Yuzhelektromash) was founded in 1955 in the newly built city Novaya Kakhovka and is one of the major manufacturers of asynchronous motors in the CIS countries

The plant is engaged in development and production of 0.75 to 200 kW asynchronous electric motors with short-circuited rotor of various modifications, including general industrial and explosion-proof motors. Besides, the plant produces special electric motors, AC generators of up to 110 kW power, explosion-proof fans for local ventilation of underground coal mines and other electrical engineering products.

New products are designed and developed not only by the plant’s design departments but also by specialized developing agencies located on the plant’s territory — UkrNIIVE department and the engineering center of the Rosenergomash Concern.


The plant’s engineering service staffed by highly professional specialists, and the own tooling production provide development and production of the required special tools, accessories, fittings and nonstandard equipment.

These factors allow the enterprise to master the production of new product types as soon as possible, to quickly execute special purchase orders for electric motors.

During recent years the plant has mastered the production of new sizes of general industrial and explosion-proof electric motors. The range of produced motor sizes increased more than twice. The plant started producing electric motors with rigid stator coils and 1,140 V voltage specially for coal mines. Besides, special electric motors are produced for NPPs, ocean ships, drilling rigs, etc.


The high-performance equipment installed at the plant, the powerful laboratory research and test base, high level of metrological support ensure the maufacture of high-quality products.

The quality management system which was certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 international standards was developed and implemented.