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More than 50 years ago an electromechanic plant (now ETAL Science and Production Association) was established in Alexandria city (Kirovograd region). Currently ETAL is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products in CIS countries. At the beginning it produced different electrical products, control panels, magnetic amplifiers. Production shops occupied 34 hectares.

The enterprise consists of three main production lines:

  • contactor equipment production line,
  • printed board production line,
  • low voltage distribution switchboard production line.

Functionally production lines complement each other, that allows the enterprise to increase the pace of its development. Over recent years the enterprise has fully reconstructed the plant shops. Up-to-date equipment of the leading French, Italian, Belgium and US companies was installed, that allows to turn out high-quality products. The association develops and manufactures control systems for complex engineering processes in NPPs, cogeneration plants, metallurgical combines, mechanical engineering enterprises.

In 1978 the contactor equipment production line was launched under the license of Telemecanique Inc (France). The production line of over 7 ha fitted with up-to-date equipment of the leading companies from France, Great Britain, USA, Belgium allows to turn out more than 1,34 million devices per year - PML contactors of 10 to 80 A, RTL thermal relays of up to 25 A, slave relays, PVL time-delay attachments, PKL contactor attachments, KRL terminal blocks, OPN excess-voltage suppressors.

Contactor equipment components are manufactured using high-accuracy and high-speed equipment of Comec company (Switzerland), which allows the following unattended activities:

  • automatically coil blades and return springs,
  • hard components of up to 10 mm radius,
  • cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals of 0.5 to 4 mm, roll width of up to 1 m.

Multioperational stamping-and-bending machine of Bihler company (Germany) allows to produce complex configuration pieces in one process cycle (Bihler clamp). The unique automatic line intended to assemble Telemecanique cores provides quality monitoring for all actual operations and requires human intervention only at the stage of loading.