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Elektromachina OJSC is one of the oldest Ukrainian mechanical engineering companies.

The history of Elektromashina OJSC started in the 19th century when the steam locomotive repair workshops were established to provide the construction of the Kursk-Azovsk railway.

In 1929 the workshops were reconstructed to repair main-line steam locomotives and since then they operated as the Kharkovsky Steam Locomotive Repair Plant.


Before 1957 the plant specialized in complete overhaul of steam locomotives up to 30 overhauls per month.

Due to the railway transition to electric haulage the plant was redesigned to produce high-voltage electric equipment to meet such needs and continues to operate as an electrical engineering company. The plant continues expanding and developing the range of manufactured products.

Since 1959 the company has specialized in production of direct current medium-powered electric machines (20 to 200 kW), electric equipment for electric mine locomotives and complicated consumer goods.

In 1964 the self-financing Special Design Concern on Development and Production of Electric Starter Machines for Powerful Motors was established at Elektromashina plant.


In order to further develop scientific and technical progress in 1969 this design concern was transformed into a Special Design, Engineering and Production Control Concern of Electric Machines of Elektromashina plant.

In the process of corporization of the state sector of Ukrainian economy in 1996 the state enterprise Elektromashina Kharkovsky plant was transformed into open join-stock company Elektromashina OJSC.

Due to the plant corporization in 1997 the Special Design Concern, being a legal entity, was transformed into the structural department of Elektromashina OJSC.

For over 50 years the main products of the company have been direct current electric machines of 0.37 to 315 kW of any design and climatic modification, equipment for electric mine locomotives, traction locomotives, trolley and battery-driven locomotives, mine equipment, constant-voltage adjustable converters, complicated household appliances.

During these years the plant has mastered over 200 types of commercial and special electric machines, facilities and consumer goods. With account of various modifications of electric parameters, installation and attachment dimensions, cooldown and protection methods, climatic factors the range of the company products includes dozens of thousands modifications. But plant designers took things a step further: during the last few years the plant has mastered new lines of activity — production of crane metallurgical electric motors, SN series resistor sets, high-voltage fuses.


A brand new line of the Elektromashina OJSC activity is development and mastering of the new control system for the electric mine locomotive with frequency-controlled traction asynchronous short-circuited electric motor and production of AC converter-fed inductor electric motors.

The plant has an up-to-date experimental and research base and test production facilities. New product specimens are developed using automated design systems. The ISO 9001 complex system of product quality control is being successfully implemented.

Today Elektromashina OJSC is a Ukrainian modern enterprise, the only one in this industry in terms of types and purpose of manufactured products.